TikTok could threaten the security of your Bitcoin address

When it comes to telephone applications, security concerns have been a constant in recent years. Especially as the amount of data they collect from us becomes more and more public. For this reason, it is important to know what kind of information our applications can access. This is especially important now that it has become known that TikTok could threaten the security of our Bitcoin addresses.

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Security in the digital age
Where you are, who you are with, what time you moved, what series you like, who is your favorite singer, what you ate yesterday and even how many steps you took this week. These are just some of the data that our electronic equipment collects daily.

At all times, as long as we have a cell phone with us, our information is being transmitted to the world’s leading technology companies.

What do these companies do with our information? Essentially, they improve the products they offer us by providing us with customized advertising, tailored recommendations, and products that may be of interest to us. These range from playlists with customised recommendations on Spotify, to books we’ll like on Amazon.

However, as technology advances, this permanent „mining“ of data, and extreme customisation on the web, is developing a darker side. Especially when our personal information is used by malicious actors, to try to manipulate, misinform and even extort us.

With cases as serious as Cambridge Analytica and the manipulation of voters in the US presidential elections. Using personal data of voters obtained through Facebook. Even the threat TikTok seems to pose to our security and that of our Bitcoins.

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TikTok and Bitcoin: A threat to our cyber security?
In the case of TikTok, an application owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, concern for the privacy of its users has always been present. On more than one occasion, the application has been accused of being a mechanism of the Chinese government to obtain personal information from users. Whether they are Chinese citizens or citizens of other countries.

This concern reached the point where the U.S. Army prohibited its personnel from installing TikTok on their cell phones. Fearing that the application would be used to get sensitive information into the hands of China’s intelligence services.

But now, a new concern hangs over TikTok users, and especially those with Bitcoin addresses. It has been reported that, even if not given these permissions, TikTok has the ability to view the information we copy on the clipboard of our phones.

This discovery has been made thanks to a feature included in iOS 14, the new version of Apple’s operating system. It has revealed that dozens of applications have access to our clipboard even if we don’t want them to. Thus obtaining all the data we copy from our cell phone.

In the case of TikTok, due to the privacy issues that already existed, and the habit of many users to copy information such as their Bitcoin address and wallet login data to their clipboard. This discovery has been an important wake-up call, so that crypto-currency holders are careful about the applications they download. Making this our Tip of the Day here at CryptTrend.

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